The red walls, pillars and yellow glazed roof-tiles, and the dougong and beams decorated with dark-green designs of dragons, phoenixes and geometric figures, are conspicuous against the grey background of Beijing. Begun in 1406, the fourth year of the reign of Yongle (Ming dynasty), the City was completed fourteen years later; partial reconstruction took place during the period of the Qing dynasty. Twenty-four emperors lived in and ruled China from the Forbidden City over nearly 500 years. [Source]


Date received:
February 23, 2015

Environmental Protection
(Issued 02-01-2002)

New Year’s Greeting Stamps
(Issued 11-01-2006)



If you believe the legends, Kraków was founded upon the defeat of a dragon, and it’s true a mythical atmosphere permeates its attractive streets and squares. Wawel Castle is a major drawcard, while the Old Town contains soaring churches, impressive museums and the vast Rynek Główny, Europe’s largest market square. In the former Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, remnant synagogues reflect the tragedy of the 20th century, just as its lively western quarter symbolises the renewal of the 21st. [Source]


Date received:
October 2013

Polish Cities – SOPOT
(Issued 06-15-2005)
(Issued 11-30-2012)


Koalas were widely hunted during the 1920s and 1930s, and their populations plunged. Helped by reintroduction, they have reappeared over much of their former range, but their populations are smaller and scattered. Koalas need a lot of space—about a hundred trees per animal—a pressing problem as Australia’s woodlands continue to shrink. [Source]

Date received:
January 2013

(Issued 11-01-2012)

Revamping My Old Stamps Album

revamp stamps album 01
I’ve been collecting stamps since I was in elementary school. It was a very cool hobby back then, well, at least among all of my friends in school. And so far I have 6 stamp albums and 1 big self-adhesive album that is used to permanently store the stamps (not in the picture).

revamp stamps album 02
Some of my stamp albums were inherited from my Dad. Like the photo above, it was one of my favorite. The inside cover of the album is full of bright and colorful old stickers from my Dad’s years. But some of them are just plain boring and look ugly with my childhood’s art touch. So today I decided to do a very quick and super easy DIY to revamp the inside cover of my stamps album.

revamp stamps album 03
Material I used:
– Stamp album
– Wrapping paper
– White glue
– Paint brush
– Scissor
– Water and container (optional)

How I make it:
1. I cut the wrapping paper to the size of the inside cover.
2. I use paint brush to smooth glue over the surface of inside cover. If the glue is too thick, dip the brush on water.
3. Wait 1-2 minutes, gently put the wrapping paper on the surface.
4. Done.

revamp stamps album 04
I’m quite happy with the result. It was very simple and my album is now looking bright and lively.

revamp stamps album 05

Happy philately 🙂

Birthday Letter for a Penpal

birthday letter 01

One of my penpal from Sri Lanka is having her birthday this April. I am sending her this letter that I decor with many colorful tape and a little illustration. As for the front side of the envelope, I draw a hand that brings stack of gifts, and two of them are actually the stamps.

birthday letter 02

With this letter I also enclosed a birthday present, a postcard and a picture of my dog, Suri. Notice the word ONE and  TWO, those were the actual letter. I wrote two papers long.

birthday letter 03

This is the present. It’s a vintage necklace. I really hope she’ll like it.

birthday letter 04

As for the present, I put it on another envelope, a mini one. I made it by my self. I also made the envelope, because I want to custom the size.

birthday letter 05

And this is the back side of the envelope. Still with many colorful tape, clouds, and a flying balloon.

I hope this letter gets there quickly so I don’t miss the month of her birthday.

Happy penpal-ing 🙂


Flat Shoes Lover

I always always love cute flat shoes. I prefer wearing flats in any occasions as often as possible. It’s just so comfortable to wear and will instantly help one look prettier in a cute way. Well, I know heels covers better for this but for me it’s always a horror because I feel awkward walking on heels (I know I shouldn’t), not to mention the pain and the inability to move around freely because that’s what I always randomly do.

And today I just checked out my shoe rack and got a little upset because some of my shoes collection stained so bad. I end up spending couple hours to wipe each of them and regretting why didn’t I’ve done this earlier while they were easier to clean. I try to remember the last time I invested my time in cleaning my closet and it’s surprise me because today is the first time in 2015 I ever clean my closet. So filthy, I know. I rarely at home since last year and I prefer to think of it as the best excuse. And regret will always come late. But anyway my closet looks cleaner and better now. I then suddenly thinking about drawing them.

Twelve Cute Flat Shoes sketch


I picked the best 12 flats shoes from my closet. I’m in love with them all. I sketched it directly on Photoshop using my pen tablet, then re-draw it and add some painting effect on it.

Now I am thinking about doing similar things to all of my favorite outfits and stuffs. And probably print them out to make a wall art or maybe a postcard.

Outgoing Mails March 2015

Like I’ve said in a post before, I’ll post any letters or postcard once a month. And these mails were written on February, so the topic is a little bit out of date.

march outgoing mails 01

march outgoing mails 02

march outgoing mails 03

march outgoing mails 04

This first letter I sent was about celebrating Chinese New Year. I attached an Ang Pao (red envelope) along with this letter and also my photo. That was me a year ago when I was in Singapore. I sent this letter for TG in Sri Lanka. This is my second letter to her. I DIY the envelope with a simple illustration and decorate the letter with colorful tape.


march outgoing mails 05

I also sent some postcards for Postcrossing project. All of them are DIY postcards. I drew a famous landmark building from my homeland and some exotic animals from my country.